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A Natural Fit is a team of personal trainers and wellness professionals who are committed to helping you to achieve improved movement, nutrition, and overall health. We work in-home to help you balance your busy life while moving toward a more fit and balanced self. A Natural Fit was founded in 2001 and has helped many clients like you achieve their wellness goals. 


We offer a variety of services including In-Home Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, assisted stretching, Cardiovascular training, Post -Physical Therapy Injury Management, Exercise for Controlled Diseases, Group Training, Boot Camp, Nutritional Guidance, Outdoor Training, Fitness Assessments, Exercise for Older Adults, and Web Training.

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What Makes Us Different

     A Natural Fit is a boutique fitness service with a focus on long-term wellness.  Our trainers have advanced certifications and years of hands-on experience. We have a gentle approach and the knowledge to work with a variety of needs from weight loss to fall prevention.


Our personal training style focuses on your strengths to ensure long-term success, and teach you how to work with your own body. The trainers at A Natural Fit keep individual attention as our priority, modifying our approach to fit your unique concerns, injuries, and goals. 

We see the big picture. It's not just about exercise. We help you balance all aspects of your life including nutrition, sleep, stress, and relaxation. 

Who We Work With

     A Natural Fit works with a wide range of fitness levels and exercise needs. Because of our patient approach and experienced trainers, many of our clients are older adults, women over 40, those trying to lose a large amount of weight, or those recovering from an injury. Our trainers have the experience and flexibility to work with you if you are training for a marathon or are looking to slowly and permanently improve your movement and quality of life. Whatever your fitness goals are, the trainers at A Nature Fit can help.

Team Building

You are a women looking to get toned without gaining bulk.

You are looking to lose a significant amount of weight healthfully.

You are a senior wanting to improve your balance, decrease your fall risk, and reduce aches and pains.

You are training for an event, whether it is a wedding or a tough mudder.

You are a mom or caregiver who wants an excellent workout with your little one or while they are sleeping.

You're not comfortable at a gym

You are a busy professional who wants to save time commuting to and from a workout facility.

You are looking for someone to support you through long-term changes to your health and wellbeing


Our Services

Custom Small Group Training in Boston

Custom Small Group


We create a specialized class for your group of employees, residents, or patients. On-site recurring classes that you can count on.

In Home Personal Training in Boston

In-home Personal Training

Our most popular service, we come to you and bring the necessary equipment to get you to your desired goals.

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Health and Wellness Coaching in Boston



Wellness Coaching can be the ticket to your long term health. We address nutrition, fitness, sleep, and relaxation.

Where We Go

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We come to you, helping people all around Greater Boston.  If you are not in our immediate service area but are interested in working with us, please get in touch. We are always expanding!


How to get started

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