Personal Training

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Yoga Stretches

In-home training

Want to get in shape but can’t seem to get to the gym? Let A Natural Fit come to you! With in-home training, we bring the necessary equipment to get you to your desired goals. Whether you have a mat in your living room or a full home gym, we can create a customized workout for you.

In-home training is great for beginners who feel intimidated or uncomfortable in the gym, on-the-go professionals who just don’t have the time to travel, moms who want to  keep an eye on their little ones, or anyone who enjoys the privacy and comfort of home training. A  focus on functional exercises gets the most out of your session, infusing cardio intervals with strength and toning exercises. You’ll never look at your stairs or couch the same way again!

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Outdoor Training

 Would you love to look and feel great but don’t want to spend your time inside a gym? Get outdoors and get in shape at the same time!  A Natural Fit can train on the beach, in parks, or in your backyard. Using resistant bands, a mat, and your body weight, you can get a sweat-making, body-toning workout in the fresh air of the outdoors. Or try a TRX or agility ladder workout for a HIIT style workout.

A Natural Fit also can also utilize the equipment on a playground, for a fun, boot-camp style workout that burns tons of calories. Get the best of both worlds with outdoor training.

Warming Up

Partner Training

Looking for the individual attention that personal training offers but desiring a more affordable option? Grab a friend, sibling, or significant other and sign up for partner training in your home or outdoor location.  Having a buddy to motivate, work out with, swap fitness ideas, and just have more fun is a great way to jazz up your exercise routine. Support is proven to increase success, as well as having fun with a little healthy competition.


Caregiver and Me Training

The stresses of caring for a little one can be exhausting and it can often be difficult to squeeze in a workout. Including your little one in your workout can turn your it into wonderful bonding time for you both as well as providing the cutest kind of resistance! Our trainers have the patience and creativity to give you an excellent workout while keeping you and your little muffin together. 

Senior Therapy

Older Adult Training

Are you or is a family member getting older and becoming concerned about loss of mobility, balance deterioration, or the possibility of a fall? Personal training can help! Using fun and approachable exercises, we can work with you to delay and even reverse the aches, pains, and limitations of getting older. Whether we are guiding you through a chair yoga workout or tossing you a ball while you stand on a balance disk, your mobility, balance, and confidence can improve vastly.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pre and Post-Partum Training

Pregnancy and childbirth present unique changes to the muscular and soft tissue requiring a wide variety of adaptations and attention. Our trainers are well versed in providing individual modifications and positioning to make exercise comfortable and appropriate for each trimester as well as post-partum. We can help you focus on core and pelvic floor strengthening, stretching to relieve back strain, and overall toning.   


Assisted Stretching

Looking to gain flexibility, ease back pain, or improve overall relaxation and health? Are your muscles tight from sitting at a desk or doing physical activity? Stretched muscles can perform at their best and allow you to move in your full range of motion, reducing pain and maximizing results from strength training.

Dynamic stretching uses resistance from a trainer to achieve your muscle’s maximum stretching ability. Learn more about this technique called PNF stretching(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.) Relaxing yoga and pilates infused movements allow your trainer to do the work while you develop long, lean muscles. And, it just feels great!

Physical Therapy Session

Post Surgery or Physical Therapy Training

If you have recently had surgery or are recovering from an injury, our trainers can help you perform your physical therapy exercises at home correctly or progress you to the next level after you have completed physical therapy. With a focus on proper form and graduated increases in difficulty, you can manage your injury with confidence and return to your daily activities with less pain.

Paraplegic Sporting Event

Exercise for Controlled Disease

Our trainers are experts in their fields and are qualified to work with many populations. If you are looking for experienced, patient, and adaptable exercise for a controlled disease, we can help you. We work with clients with Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Parkinsons, Brain Injuries, and many more conditions that require additional knowledge and experience. Our trainers understand the challenges that may arise and are equipped to modify exercises to suit your needs.